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We provide these services with the best attention.

Game Development

We specialize in the development of video games for Android and desktop computers (PCs). We start from the initial concept with the client to the final version of the videogame using the agile SUM methodology. We work in a multidisciplinary manner, involving professionals in programming, graphic design, animation, sound, music, acting, etc.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We have RV (Virtual Reality) or RA (Augmented Reality) technologies creating interactive environments. How to be an environment of scenes or objects of real appearance generated by computer technology to give a feeling of being immersed in it (RV); or defining the vision of a physical environment of the real world through a technological device, and in this way tangible physical elements are combined with virtual elements (RA).

Gamification and Game Design

We use this learning technique to transfer the mechanics of games to the educational-professional environment to achieve better results, either by absorbing some knowledge, improving some skills or rewarding concrete actions among many other objectives through Game Design. This helps to facilitate interaction between players, whether for medical, military, educational or entertainment purposes through the multiple resources we employ, such as augmented or virtual reality.

2D Art and Design

We are in charge of aesthetically communicating the necessary ideas or emotions through our designs. Through our designs we express our vision of the world through the eyes of the client. We create our own Art Concepts, sketch the story boards, create visual notes to design the story or the movement, sketch the construction of the characters, the scenarios, make colour proofs, etc.

3D Modeling and Animation

We create 3D models that are a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object (either inanimate or alive) and are visualized by means of a two-dimensional image with a process called 3D rendering, or by using a computer simulation of physical phenomena by means of a video using a complex process called 3D Animation, this involves the previous realization of other processes of design, deformation or movement of objects of a 3D model varying some aspect over time.

Video Editing and Montage

We make videos from the manipulation of images or other videos. To do this, the process consists of joining some images to others, eliminating some, enlarging or reducing others already edited, incorporating music and sound, digital effects, titles and any other material that allows a product ready to be duplicated or broadcast. Presentation videos, farewell videos, celebration videos, trailers, etc.

Our Team

We are a responsible team committed to the production of high quality games and good playability. We are always learning and improving our knowledge and we like challenges.

We are a team of 4 people and we are trained to make games in the time it takes. We can make games in 2D or 3D, and we have a great advertising reach for any company.

Our company is located in Tucumán, Argentina and we are new to videogame development. We want to mark a new beginning in this city and in the country.

Fede Garcia


I'm the team leader and programmer. I'm 24 years old and have been making video games for almost 10 years in a self-taught way. Starting with RPG Maker, M.U.G.E.N., Game Maker, Unity and I know several programming languages like Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Pascal, SAP ABAP, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, among others.

Rodolfo Paz

2D Artist

42 years old, from San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. Plastic artist, 2D digital illustrator, concept artist, with experience in 3D sculpture and 3D model painting, with several published works, and with ductility of styles.

Ben Vázquez

3D Modeler

I've done several works in the field of video games and digital animation. My skills include Texturing, Modeling, Sculpting, Animation, Rendering and Atmosphere for 3D video games; plus advanced and medium knowledge of softwares such as Blender, ZBrush, Gimp, Substance Painter, Unity and Construct 2D.

Matias Quiroga

3D Animator

I started making frame by frame animations in many school books, then I discovered flash and later I entered to the 3D through blender, and deepened my animation knowledge.
2D and 3D animation, sculpiting, texturing, riggin, retopology

We've been in video game development for 3 years. We are a responsible team committed to the production of high quality games and good playability. We are always learning and improving our knowledge and we like challenges.

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